summer camp

2017 summer camp registration open

July 24th to Aug 10th

Activities:Theme based Theater/Skit, Dance, Music, Epic stories, Shlokas, Crafts, Props making, costumes design, Yoga, Personality development games and Many.
Acharya Performing Arts Academy
4222 Meridian Parkway Suit # 104, Aurora IL 60504
(Near Rt 59 train station)
1ST SESSION: JULY 24th to JULY 27th, 2017

Theme: God – “Subramanya/Muruga”

$65 per session
Time : 10am to 1pm – 3 hours/day
Days : Mon to Thu – 4 days

2ND SESSION: JULY 31st to Aug 3rd, 2017

Theme:”Sri Rama”

$65 per session
Time : 10am to 1pm – 3 hours/day
Days : Mon to Thu – 4 days

3rd SESSION: Aug 7th to Aug 10th, 2017

Theme:“Indian Independence day”

$65 per session
Time : 10am to 1pm – 3 hours/day
Days : Mon to Thu – 4 days

More then 1 session attending students and siblings will get $5 discount.
Pickup and droping will be available to summer camp attending students, who stay 2 to 3 miles from the studio for the minimum rate

Camp details

1. Age group:

Summer camp will be divided in 3 groups
Bala: Age 5 to 7 years
Kishora: Age 8 to 10 years
Yuva: Age 11 to 13 years

3.What they do:

Students do age specific yoga/exercises and personality development games.
Students will learn theme based skit/story narration/theater to enact in Eglish.
Students will learn theme based folk/semi classical Indian dance.
They learn theme based bajan songs/Karaoke songs and also some god shlokas.
Students will do theme based crafts, props and costume design.
We also do theme based story time.


Each session will end with the informal performance of the learnt activities and Indian Independence day theme learnt skit may be performed formally outside venue at Independence Day celebration On Aug 12th 2017.

5.Snack break:

Every class 15 minutes snack break will be given.(kids has to bring their own snack from home)

6.What they take home:

Kids can take home all theme based props and crafts made in class.
Each kid will get small souvenirs after each session end.