Academy Policies

  • Footwear is NOT allowed inside the music/dance/instruments/yoga/kalavihar/workshop class area as we keeps God’s idol in the class and treat it like a place of worship.
  • No food, candy, drinks are allowed in academy class time and class area. Eating chewing gums are not permitted inside the class.
  • All students (if minor their parent or guardian) should sign the registration form and waiver form before taking any classes.
  • Parents are not encouraged into the class rooms for observing or recording on regular basis. (Recording is allowed 10 minutes before ending of the class if necessary). Parents are not allowed to interfere with the any instructing lessons/classes.
  • As instructors have limited time between classes, if students/parents have questions or concerns regarding the classes please contact us by phone or by email and we will be happy to call/email you back. We want the class experience to be positive for you and your child.
  • Acharya Performing Arts Academy INC is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen articles and not responsible for children being left before or after their scheduled class times.
  • The Acharya Performing Arts Academy INC has the right to refuse services to anyone at its own discretion.
  • We encourage our students to practice and the parents to be involved in our program as volunteers to support the academy and art forms.
  • All communication emails sent by the academy is to be considered official, any concerns/disagreement pertaining to the email sent must be responded back via return email within 7 days of receiving the particular email from the academy and no concerns/ disagreement related to the email will be entertained after 7 days.

Student’s progress level record:

Students/parents must see and keep track of student’s procreation level and home work assignments and need to ensure their children practice the given home work assignments on time to time basis.

Student’s practice time sheet:

Each level has minimum practice time at home so, students must complete required hours of practice and get signature of the parents on the practice sheet and bring back to each week’s class.

Dress code:

Academy’s participants must wear decent and comfortable clothes (Tight jeans, low riders, miniskirts are not allowed in any classes).Bharathanatyam students must wear class uniform (Maroon color) designated dress as instructed by the instructor according to particular levels.


The Acharya Performing Arts Academy Inc will not have classes on any public holidays like Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and New Year.


Performances are not mandatory but it will be encouragement/motivation to all performing arts students to take part in events to make them better in the learning lessons and as it teaches them stage performance techniques.

Dance performance costumes:

All performers must wear the asked/performing arts form designated costumes and jewelries to the performances and the students/parents are responsible to get their own costumes.

Missed classes/ Make up classes:

No refunds or credits to be given to students for being absent to a class, students are encouraged to take make up class in same level with other batches or in declared makeup class time (All batched may not have same level alternative batch running so, we anchorage not to miss any classes).


  • Registration fees for joining any new classes at the academy will be $15.
  • All regular long term class tuition fees will be collected by session (4 session in a year viz winter, spring, summer and fall session – each session 3 months long).
  • Tuition fees will be due on the first class of every session.
  • A late payment of $25.00 will be charged in addition, if tuition fee is paid after 1st class.
  • $25 service charge will be charged for the returned checks or insufficient fund in the account.
  • Any classes cancelled by the Acharya Performing Arts Academy INC will be made up at a later date or fees will be credited accordingly.
  • No refunds or credits will be given for class missed by the students at their own will.
  • To bring the student up to date in the class, before resuming any classes (this applies to those students who take break from their regular classes due to personal issues) a $25 fees will be charged.
  • If a student is taking break for a full session (More than 3 – 6 months) and wants to come back to the same batch then $25 -$75 fees will be charged to restart the class at the academy.
  • All conducting classes of that particular session will be announced including extra classes and makeup classes by academy and all long weekends’ holiday and academy announced holiday classes fees will be reduced/ credited to particular session fees.
  • All students must inform academy in written 30 days prior, if you’re taking break from any particular class or shifting to other city or not able to continue classes at the academy any more.
  • All academy fees will be collected though secured bank to bank payment system, we encourage all academy students pay through above method. If you’re not able to do payment through ACH method then $5 to $25 administration charges will be charged to those who follow other methods of payment every session.
  • Any credit due from academy will be given back to the student only after he/she has attended the next full session.


  • Acharya Performing Arts Academy Inc’s goal is to share and preserve rich Indian culture, tradition and art forms of India. All classes should start and end with doing “Namaskara” to god and after finishing class taking blessings from guru (Main teacher) and parents.
  • The academy will give instruction to the students through designed curriculum/format and the format is designed to pass good knowledge to students and the instructors will try their best to teach to all students according to their learning /knowledge and the students/parents are not allowed to interfere in the academy instruction or procedure.
  • We not only believe in giving strong curriculum oriented classes but also believe in passing the good Indian tradition and culture (good “Sanskara”) and without parents help it is not possible. The dedication of the disciples towards the art form and to the guru and harmony and humbleness with each other in the academy is required for the positive energy within.